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Tenant Information Form

(Information needed to prepare rental agreement for an individual tenant)
Please fill in the following information so we can prepare your self-storage rental agreement.

8) Access rights for others. List other person(s) you want specifically named in the rental agreement as having access rights to the space, i.e., other persons who may break your lock on the storage unit (if necessary) to gain entry and to whom we may give a facility access code without us having to check with the tenant for authorization. This is optional.
Authorized User 1

Authorized User 2

9) Emergency contacts. List other person(s) who we may contact in an emergency (fire, flood, missing lock, etc.). Do not list persons living with you. These persons may have access under the very limited circumstances (affidavit of death, incarceration, permanently missing, or permanently incapacitated) as listed in paragraph 1 of the lease.
Emergency User 1

Emergency User 2

If yes, are you currently (check all that are applicable)

NOTICE: For security and environmental protection purposes, photographing, and videotaping may occur and thumb printing of tenants or photocopying their driver's license may be required, at the facility owner's option. Owner has no duty to do so.


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