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Safe & Secure

Store It offers a lot that is secured by a barbed wire fence and security gate. The only entrance requires a valid access code that is strictly monitored. The lot is well lit and is located in a quiet neighborhood.

Size Options

All of the units have a unique size to fit your needs. If you only need to store a few things you may look at a 5 x 6. However, if you need to store a lot you may look at size all the way up to 12 x 40. The choice is yours!

Clean & Well Maintained

The lot is cleaned regularly. The units are also cleaned out after each rental termination.

Recurring Payments

For ease of use we offer the ability to store a payment option with us. We will automatically charge the information on file on your monthly renewal date. Then there is no need to worry, you are covered!

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“Get Organized” Find peace of mind!